The Nobel Prize...A Global Lesson

     Teaching students about the Nobel Prize is one of my favorite lessons!  They are really interested to learn why they may have heard about specific people.  It gives us a real back-and-forth conversation in which the kids can contribute as much as I can. 
     To capitalize on their interest, I created this classroom display, using lists from  I chose to go ahead and highlight the years when no prizes were given (generally World Wars 1 and 2 - but they had to figure that out!) and a few specific laureates, such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Madame Marie Curie.  I could have let them discover familiar names, but time was very short this week.   Students did have a chance to "browse" the lists in small groups.
     We also did a choral reading of a really good reading comprehension from that I use every year.  Then, we talked about why I had highlighted the areas mentioned above. 
     I hope to have time to let students pick a name to research very soon.  My goal is for my students to gain a global perspective that they can cultivate in the future.

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