A Lesson On Washing Hands

     I've always wanted to acquire the materials to demonstrate the importance of good hand-washing...and this year, I got them!  I ordered a small black light and the "germ juice" that glows under the light.  I used a swab to paint the juice on students' hands...that represents germs in our world.

Students then washed their hands as normal and came back to the light.  Missed places still glowed.
     Some students were pleased with their results, others were a little frustrated.  It did make a big impression on them all.
Oops...missed a spot!
I then chose 5 students and swabbed the fingers of the first student only.  He gave a gentle "high 5" to the next who did the same to the next, and on down the line.  The last student still picked up enough "germs" to glow.  We reviewed some ways we've learned to wash hands properly, such as scrubbing for the length of time it takes to silently sing "Happy Birthday" to yourself. We also had a frank discussion of places we pick up germs: the bathroom, doorknobs, other peoples' possessions. It was a  real learning experience all around!
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  1. Wow - what a wonderful real-world experiment. I bet it stuck with you kids!
    I'm going to add to this to my to-be-implemented-ASAP list :)

    I just stumbled onto your blog - and am SO glad that I did! :)

    Joy in the Journey

  2. Thank you so much! I hope you'll come back! Pat


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