Same Blog...New Name!

     So, what do you think of my blog's name change?  I decided to make the change as I realized that the focus of my posts was not always - or often - about 5th grade, or even the elementary grades.  I found I was talking about things that teachers in many grades could relate to or possibly use.
     To be truer to the underlying belief of my blog, that we're all in this together, I decided to reword the name to more clearly reflect the broader focus.
     I hope you like it and that you'll continue to follow me.  I love to think that I'm making this challenging job more do-able for other teachers. 
     Y'all take care!
     Please leave a comment - I love 'em!
Pat McFadyen
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  1. I am new to your blog and I like the name. I think as bloggers we need the ability to go off topic every once in a while. I am anxious to poke around and read your thoughts:).


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