The Part of Halloween That Makes Me Sick

     May I just say that I hate the videos of parents telling their kids that they ate all the Halloween candy? Deliberating making children cry is sick.
     Keep in mind that parents spend an enormous amount of time, energy, and money building up Halloween to children. We talk about costumes, masks and make-up. We plan highly creative treats and parties. We make big plans to go from door-to-door in our neighborhoods or maybe "Trunk or Treat" with a group, after careful reminders about safety. It is all supposed to result in a candy haul to satisfy any kid's dream.
     Enter a small group of parents who think it's funny - funny - to deliberately plan, set up, and tape one or both parents telling their own children that they ate all of the Halloween candy. Of course, the children are upset. Of course, they cry. Then, the parents post it on YouTube. Some of the videos go viral. And, some make the national news!
     That is mean, people. Mean.
     How would a parent react if another child did this to their kids? What if another adult did it? Most parents would be livid, and rightly so.
     I can only hope that this fad stops soon. Maybe if people stop watching the videos, people wouldn't get the reactions they want.
     Isn't there a better way to commemorate Halloween?
Pat McFadyen
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