Help for TpT Cover Pages

     Learning to create quality resources for teachers and students has been a challenge and a joy for me. For years, when I was tired at the end of a long day in the classroom, I remember how I looked forward to sitting down at my computer and creating a resource for the next day. It was relaxing! Upon reflection, I realized that it was a creative outlet that resulted in something tangible that would help and/or my students.

     Figuring out how to turn my ideas into an attractive, useful resource has been a tremendous learning curve for me. Like most TpT sellers, I've had some hits and some misses, but I feel like I've mastered the basics.

     The hurdle I couldn't quite clear was the product cover pages. I'm not a real artsy person. I knew what was attractive to me, but I just couldn't analyze the components and convert them into those cover pages that grabbed your attention. Enter Julie Ridge.

     Feeling frustrated, I went on the TpT Forums last November and asked if anyone had a product that might help me with my covers. A lovely lady, Julie Ridge of Julie Ridge Designs, responded, saying that she was a graphic designer and had just published a product that might answer some of my questions. I quickly purchased her product, Graphic Design Primer for Teachers, and read it cover to cover. When I returned to the Forum to thank her, she said, "Email me privately. I want to talk to you."

     Julie and I began a correspondence that I have thoroughly enjoyed and that has helped me tremendously. She said if I would send her a cover that was giving me trouble, she would analyze it and make suggestions. I was happy to do so! I had posted a Thanksgiving writing product as a freebie on my Facebook page with no response. Nothing. No takers. I couldn't give it away! I sent this one to Julie.

     Julie began giving me suggestions for this particular cover and, using her suggestions, I re-worked the cover, then uploaded it to my FB page again. Within twenty-four hours, 31 people had taken it! I went from "can't give it away" to 31 people grabbing it - all based on the cover! Here are the Before and After covers: