Tech Tip: How To Make Letters To Color

     A while back, I was searching for large, open fonts - with white space between the lines - that would produce letters for students to color. I wasn't finding what I wanted, so I went to the TpT Seller's Forums and posted a question. 

     Several sellers shared some suitable fonts (Thanks, guys!), then Molly, over at Lessons by Molly, told me how to make my own!

Here is how to make open letters:

1. Type the text you want in the font you want. The thicker the letters, the more space there will be to color. 
2. Highlight the letters you want to be open. 
3. Under “Format”, click “Text Outline”. You can adjust the weight of this outline as needed. 
4. Under “Home”, change the font color to white. 

Here's what your letters will look like:
Have fun making your own beautiful letters!

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  1. Hi Pat!

    This is a great tutorial! I love that you made a comparison graphic to show how the same font can be changed using a black outline. Thank you for posting this!

    Molly McMahon


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