The PASS Pack: Math Spiral Review

     The new school year is fast approaching and my favorite product ever is ready to go! Introducing The PASS Pack - Practicing Applications and Skills Sets!
     The PASS Pack provides students the two things they need most in math: 1) consistent, spiral review on essential skills learned in previous grades and newly-acquired skills, and 2) opportunities to apply those skills in real-life situation word problems.
     No more will you have students ask you late in April, “What’s a factor?” They’ll be practicing with them all year. My students lost ground when I would teach a concept thoroughly in October, leave it for weeks or months, then present an activity in March. I was always aghast that they had forgotten or confused so many concepts. I knew that I needed a consistent, year-long tool that kept basic skills fresh in their minds, while at the same time giving them opportunities to practice and apply the new skills we were learning. Hence, the PASS Pack!
     The PASS Pack is so versatile! Designed as a weekly two-sided resource, you can use it all at once or break it up into sections. You can assign it as Morning Work to get kids thinking mathematically, as homework, as in-class practice, as part of your math center rotations, or in a small intervention group.          

     You’ll see some skills presented as number problems and others embedded in word problems. The word problems provide review of 4th grade standards and practice on 5th grade standards as they are introduced during the quarter.

     Each week of the PASS Pack starts with a joke - the Math Laugh! Also included each quarter is a special puzzle or challenge. Look for the Calculator Solve and Flip, Math Analogies, Code Buster, and more!
     You'll find two different data collection options and complete teacher directions.
     You can buy each quarter separately or buy the bundle and save money! Check them all out at my store Growing Grade By Grade!
     Have a great school year!
Growing Grade By Grade
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