Need A Helpful Little Nudge?

     Every life has conflict. From the most mundane glare over a disputed parking space to damaged  relationships, we will all be faced with conflicts. It doesn't have to escalate to the Hatfields and McCoys level to bring a negative vibe into your life. I truly believe that it's not having a conflict itself that is so challenging, but rather how we deal with it.
     Of course, no one should ever accept any form of abuse. It's the day-to-day misunderstandings as well as the incidents that can become long-term that we must decide how to address. I'd like to offer up the philosophy in the meme above as a way to reflect on how we might diffuse or eliminate conflict by simply being generous and taking a step back.
   I'm not even saying that we need to admit wrong when we're really right. Certainly don't support someone else in wrong-doing. "Eating Humble Pie" can certainly mean saying you're sorry if you hurt someone, but it doesn't have to. If someone else needs to feel that they're being heard, or that their thoughts and feelings have merit, or they need an emotional lift, it can be so soothing and refreshing if we take a step back, validate their feelings, and reach out a healing hand. That can be a bite of Humble Pie, too. If we can do it on-the-spot, so much the better. If time has passed, that healing can still take place. If you are in a situation like this, consider making that call, bestowing that forgiveness, and reconnecting. 
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