Fact Family Bracelets...Stylish Learning!

     Learning basic math facts through "fact families" is the most efficient method, in my opinion, and develops number sense the best.  I have developed a journal program to teach, review, and support learning fact families.
     But, what can students do when they're not actively working on their journal or a focused activity?  My suggestion is...bracelets!  I developed printable sets for children to use.  They are a fun, portable, and social way to get extra practice!
     Prepare the bracelets by copying one set per child onto card stock and laminating.  Cut apart only as needed.  Tape the bracelet around the child's wrist.  Encourage your student to practice saying or writing the four related math facts each time they have a free minute.  Even better, encourage other teachers, administrators, volunteers to ask the child to share what the bracelet is about, at an appropriate time and place, of course.
     How encouraging for a child when the principal or other adult takes enough interest in what they're learning to stop and talk to him/her...based on the really cool bracelet!
     When the fact family is mastered, you can tape the bracelet into a math journal or onto a display board.  Then, on to the next bracelet!
     Enjoy and I'd love to hear how they work in your class!

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