Positive Math Attitudes Freebie

      As a student who really struggled with math growing up, I would love to have known and believed these growth mindset concepts. I would have felt far more confident in what I did know and more willing to take risks.
     As it was, I was always trying to hide the fact that I didn't know as much math as my classmates. I remember, as early as third grade, hearing students make math statements in class and thinking, "How do you KNOW that???" Of course, if I had taken my nose out of my never-ending library books and actually listened during class, I might have had a clue, but who knows?
     These learning concepts were presented during a professional development session many years ago and I had them in my classroom almost non-stop. I've put my own spin on them and offer them to you for your classroom in hope that they will encourage your students to accept where they - and others - are on their learning journey. Enjoy!

Growing Grade By Grade
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