Growth Mindset Math Posters Freebie

      As a student who really struggled with math growing up, I would love to have these growth mindset concepts presented to me. If I had known and believed that you weren't just born "good at math", I wouldn't have felt so defeated right out of the gate. I would have felt far more confident in what I did know and more willing to take risks.

     As it was, not only was I struggling to understand the often confusing algorithms, and when to use them - and spare me from word problems! - I was always trying to hide the fact that I didn't know as much math as my classmates. I remember, as early as third grade, hearing students make math statements in class and thinking, "How do you KNOW that???" I have to accept some responsibility. If I had taken my nose out of my never-ending library books and actually listened during class, I might have had a clue, but who knows?  During those years, teachers, parents, and students all believed what I did: you were either good at math or you weren't.

     These growth mindset learning concepts were presented during a professional development session many years ago, although they weren't called that then.  I've used them as posters in my classroom almost non-stop. I think that struggling in math as a child gave me greater understanding and empathy for my own students over the years.

     I love that these growth mindset posters give a message to students that we can grow and move on from where we are today.  I've put my own spin on them and offer them to you for your classroom in hope that they will encourage your students to accept where they - and others - are on their learning journey. I'd love to hear how they work for your students. Enjoy!
Growing Grade By Grade
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