Celebrate Military Life!

Air Force!   Army!   Coast Guard!   Marines!   National Guard!   Navy!

     Here's your chance to give students, parents, and teachers a place to shout out their pride in our military! 

     Use my "Celebrate Military Life" no-prep writing prompts and journal starters to support your military students and families. These 60 prompts are opportunities to write about their experiences, share their feelings, teach about their special challenges, and show their patriotism!

     There are plenty of prompts for students from civilian families, too. They can write a thank-you note to a service person, tell why our military is important, or plan ways to show our respect and support. There’s something for everyone!

     All six major branches of the United States military are represented here. The first section contains prompts about military life in general. There is also a separate section for each of The Air Force, The Army, The Coast Guard, The Marines, The National Guard, and The Navy.

     Some of my favorite ways to use these prompts are:
     Copy a class set of one or more prompts so all students may write about the same idea.
     Print one of each prompt and let students choose. 
     Consider letting students respond to five or more prompts and bind them together for a special gift or keepsake journal.
     Don’t forget the adults in your world. Parents and teachers who are connected to the military often enjoy sharing their thoughts and feelings through writing.
     Consider hosting a classroom event where students and/or adults come together and share their writings.
     The prompts in this Super Pack are truly no-prep. Simply copy and go!

     I’ve been a teacher in a military community for many years. I’ve learned some important lessons about the special challenges our military families face and ways that we can support them.

     These are only some of the issues which our military students and families must often address:
Changing schools
Leaving extended family and friends
Disruption of daily routines
Gaps in academic learning
Disruption of the family unit during deployment
Readjustment to the family unit after deployment
Anxiety before and during deployment
Loss of a parent during war

     Reflect carefully as you choose writing prompts to share with your students. You might want to consult your administrator, your school guidance counselor, another teacher, or even a military parent to gain some insight as to how a child might perceive a particular prompt. If you live in a military community, I hope that you have a military liaison that meets with students to help support them. These professionals are great support, also.

     I'd love to know how you use these writing prompts. What do you like to do to support your military families?
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