Funny Kid Stories: Let's Hear Yours!

     Every teacher has a million of them: kid stories that are funny, endearing, sometimes embarrassing, and always great memories! All you have to do is share one in a group of teachers and they're off - one story follows another.

     One of my favorites:
     My 5th grade class was studying the Civil War. Students were preparing to visit the library to research a topic they'd chosen to write about. One little boy gathered his materials, then stopped by my desk for a question.
Student: Mrs. McFadyen, how do you spell Eelee?
Me: (obviously puzzled) Ummmm...I'm not sure about that word. Can you use it in a sentence?
Student: You know, that general's last name - Robert Eelee! (Robert E. Lee)
      What are some of your favorite kid stories? Let's share!
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