Music notes sing a song of pi day

     Pi Day is so exciting for math nerds! It's observed on March 14, connecting to the most common estimation, 3.14. Even if your grade level doesn't have a math standard for pi, students can still have loads of fun learning about this essential math concept. 

     There are tons of ways to celebrate Pi Day. Click here to discover some budget-friendly ways to celebrate pi!  

     One of my favorite ways to prepare for and observe Pi Day is to sing, sing, sing! Over the decades, I've gathered a number of songs, set to familiar tunes. These songs actually teach the concepts of pi. Kids love being on the silly train as they sing, but they're learning some pretty cool concepts, whether they know it or not!

Click here to download your FREE copy of the Pi Day Songbook!

Pi Day Songbook Cover

     Each songbook is half-page sized. When you download the songbook, you'll find clear directions for prep. Just print, staple along the side, and cut in half. 
Pi Day Songbook

Fun graphics are included. This whole book can be printed in color or black and white.

Pi Day Songbook

     The last page of the songbook includes some nifty facts about pi. Some of them will definitely amaze your students! For example, did you know:
  • We've calculated pi to 6.4 billion places!
  • Pi is only an approximation.
  • At decimal point #764, there are six 9s in a row. It's known as the Feynman Point.

How To Use Your Free Pi Day Songbook

Once you have printed and prepped your Pi Day Songbook, there are ways to integrate it into many other lessons. For example,
ELA: Read the fun fact on the last page together or independently. This activity can easily fit into a reading and/or math standard during your lessons.
ELA: Pick a song and have kids pull out the math info out of the lyrics. Ask: What does this song tell you about pi? Add it to a running list or anchor chart.

  • ELA: Have kids add new lyrics or re-write some of the existing ones.
  • MATH: Students can sketch and label a circle, its diameter, its radius, and its circumference. As they sing, have them point to the specific parts.
  • MATH: Simply singing the songs several times a day can help cement the concepts for kids. 
  • MATH: Challenge students to find the jokes hidden in some of the songs. We've all giggled or rolled our eyes over the "pi r square" routine. See it they can explain why that's (sort of) funny!
  • MATH: Students can look up the math definitions for transcendental and irrational. Challenge them to explain the terms in simple language.
  • SCIENCE/MATH: Have kids research Einstein, Euclid, Isaac Newton, or Ludolph van Ceulen.
  • MUSIC: Singing is so fun for kids! Adding in content-rich songs is perfect for educational multi-tasking. Challenge kids to pick another simple melody and write lyrics.

     If you're thinking about really diving into a Pi Day celebration this year, remember to start early! January and February are not too soon to begin learning these adorable songs. Who knows? Maybe you can even go "Pi Day Caroling" around your school!

     I'd love to know how the Pi Day Songbook works for you! Remember,
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