The "Suds" Experiment...Not What You Think!

    My kids loved this experiment where we asked, "Which dish soap makes the most suds?"  Through discussion, they decided that the most suds was the best cleaner.  Not sure if that's true, but I went with it!
     I put students in groups of four and every person had an empty water bottle.  Their written directions told them to add 1/2 cup of water to the bottle and 2 drops (not 2 squirts) of one of the dish soaps I provided.  I brought in four brands and they had to agree within their group who was using each brand.  They closed their bottle and shook for 15 seconds, then measured the height of their suds.  They recorded the data for everyone in their group for comparison.  I required at least two analysis statements - true statements about their data.  Their conclusion was to answer the original question.

     Yes, we had fun!  We also followed the Scientific Method and it was a real-life product comparison activity.  Who could ask for more???    I found this great, almost free, experiment on Pinterest this summer, but I don't know who to, thanks to whoever posted this!
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