Aaaand...We Have Chicks!

     We've had a great time anticipating our chicks!  My students have collected and recorded data (temperature and humidity) and have faithfully turned, turned, turned the eggs.  After twenty-one days, right on schedule, we had three chicks hatch today and expect more tomorrow!   Their little chirps are so sweet and outdoorsy-sounding.  Our 4-H rep will come this week and collect these little cuties for delivery to local farmers - for pets, I'm sure! :)  

     Will I do this again next year?  I think so!  I'd love to hear about your own experiences incubating chicks.  Do you have suggestions on how to make it go better?  Take care, all, and Happy Spring!

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  1. Yay chicks! I have to do this with my kids! I know they would love it & learn so much from it. Thanks for sharing. I just found your blog, I’m your newest follower!
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  2. Thank you so much, Sue! I'm following you, too! Let me know if you get to do the chicks next year - I'm looking forward to another generation! Pat

  3. I have chickens and a rooster and we had chicks this spring too. Love watching them run around the yard with their momma, learning how to eat. The term "Mother Hen" is SO true. She is protective and adores them. One cheeps if they're lost, and she comes running!!


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