Getting Absentee Work Returned

     Do you have trouble getting students to ask for and return work when they've been absent?  It's always been a challenge for me.  I've tried a number of different ways with only moderate success.  The problem is not just having students ask for the work.  I can remind them of that.  It's also keeping an accurate record of what is whom...when...and when it's due back to me. 
     Last year, I thought about printing all of that information on each activity.  That sounded like a lot of writing!  I then thought about labels. I printed some labels with the information I needed students and parents to have for the activities.  When a child came to me for missed work, I quickly filled in the blanks. That worked for about a day.  Unfortunately, my "Teflon brain" could not remember everything I had sent out.  Frustration!
     A friend and colleague suggested using my iPhone to help!  She explained that if I quickly took a picture of the work I was giving to each child, I'd have a great record for myself with almost no work.  When the work was returned, she said, just delete the photo.  Brilliant!  You can see the system in action below.

     So, how did it work?  I'd say pretty well.  I'm thinking about trying it again this year.  It doesn't account for notes and things for which I don't have a printed sheet - and quizzes and tests will be my responsibility to find time and administer.
     Do you have a system that works for you?  Please let me know!                       
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