How Many Kids Can Fit Into a Cubic Meter?

     We've been studying volume lately.  I love to put together a cubic meter using some of our meter sticks.  The kids have to hold the sticks together at the vertices.  Then, we see how many students can get into the cube, kind of like the phone booth gag of years ago.
     My students particularly enjoy seeing what such a large unit cube looks like. They like to speculate how a rectangular prism of, say 3 by 2 by 4 meters would fill the room.
     I like how clearly they can see the three-dimensional characteristics of volume and, of course, how much they enjoy crowding into the meter cube!

     I mentioned that one day I'd love to have someone make a hinged or foldable or disassemble-able cube that could be put together and apart quickly and easily.  Volunteers, anyone?
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