3 Steps to Great Math Collaboration

     My students are still learning to collaborate in most areas.  It's exciting to see their growth, especially in math!  Thanks to help from an awesome teaching friend, I whittled down what I want students to be able to do during a collaboration activity and came up with this poster that we review before most sessions.
     This can be used with any collaborative activity.  We use Super Star Math each week. It's a great program for developing critical-thinking in math. 
     The poster helps students to:
1) develop the habit of being prepared for their small group meeting with pens only and their Super Star paper, 
2) be actively involved and focused only on this task, and 
3) begin their contribution with their strategies, not their answers to the problems.  I remind them that to start with the answer shuts down the conversation.
     Please let me know in the comments what you use to help develop good mathematical conversations in your classroom.
 We're all in this together!
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