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An Inspirational Poem And A Gift For You

     One of my favorite back-to-school activities is to recite and learn this growth mindset poem, "The Ones Who Think They Can", by Walter Wintle.

     We read a projected copy of the poem together a couple of times every day for the first few weeks of school. We discuss the meaning of the poem and I explain that the word "man" means "mankind", not just males. Each student cuts and tapes a smaller version into their math or science journal for reference.
     We continue to recite the poem as part of our morning routine for a couple of weeks, then more occasionally. I challenge students to commit the poem to memory - memorize is a fine word, too. If they want to they can recite the poem, to me privately or to the class. In return, they receive a "100" in the subject of their choice. I do not typically reward students for academic performance. Since this is an optional challenge, I feel it's an acceptable incentive.

     Some of the phrases find their way into our everyday comments. If we mention someone who persevered against strong odds, someone might say aloud, "The ones who think they can!" If someone makes a negative comment about themselves, someone might remind them, "If you think you're beaten, you are."

     Please grab a free copy here and use it in your classroom. I'd love to hear how it works out for you!
Growing Grade By Grade
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