Take Attendance AND Lunch Count In One Step!

     Nothing chaps my hide like when the office calls to remind me to send in my attendance and lunch count. I get so mad at myself that I can't find a way to remember this daily chore.
     I'm trying this idea to take attendance and count lunch choices in one step.  On the side of a filing cabinet, I taped the "School Lunch" and "Lunch Box" signs, plus the dividing lines.  I wrote student names on colored craft sticks and added a piece of magnetic tape to the back. 

     As students arrive each morning, they will place their craft stick in the correct area.  I'll know who is absent if a stick is not moved.  We'll see how it works!

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  1. Pat, I've done this for several years - it is a wonderful time saver, and good visual! The only problem is when kids move their friends (well, he ALWAYS eats cold, I saw her on the playground. . . ) So, the expectation is that you ONLY touch your own stick. We discuss that it is a safety issue, because I need to know if someone is not here, etc. Haven't had any problems! Good luck, and love your blog! Great ideas.


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