How To Have A Winning Estimation Jar!

       My students love it our weekly Estimation Jar! The competition motivates them and, up until this year, so did the candy treat for the closest estimate!  

     This year, I'll try more inedible treats like I've seen on TpT and Pinterest. Winning a pass to sit with a friend, extra computer time, or permission to take off your shoes really motivates my kids.

What To Estimate

     I rotate between the Standard and Metric systems. I hit all of the attributes: length, capacity, and weight for Standard; length, volume, and mass for Metric. We estimate things like:
     I fill the Estimation Jar each Monday and write a specific question on a student slate. I often tape a tablespoon, ruler, or cup to the jar to help students visualize.  A pail of blank papers and a pail for each homeroom class completes the arrangement.

     Note: Some items are better displayed where kids can handle them. For Standard weight and Metric mass, I might use a stapler or a book. I would tape an ounce or gram chip for them to use for comparison.

     Each Friday, I quickly put all the guesses in order by homeroom. We discuss the question and some of the answers before I announce the winner. My students really look forward to it. I believe it strengthens their measurement and estimation skills. The regular practice keeps it uppermost in our minds.

     Consider an Estimation Jar for your classroom. You'll see it help strengthen your students' math skills.  Start counting!

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