Estimation Jar

     I've used an estimation jar in my classroom for several years.  My students love it: the competition seems to motivate them and, up until this year, so did the candy treat for the closest estimate!  :)  This year, I'll try more "inedible" treats like I've seen on TpT and Pinterest (passes to sit with a friend, extra computer time, etc.)
     I fill the jar with whatever we're estimating.  Sometimes it's something to count, sometimes how many tablespoons of salt or a liquid, sometimes how many feet/yards of yarn I've stuffed into the jar.  I often tape a tablespoon to the jar to help students visualize.  A pail of blank papers and a pail for each homeroom class completes the arrangement.
     Practicing estimation skills and the discussion that goes with it does strengthen math skills.  Start counting!
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