Easy and Affordable: A 21st Century Lesson

     A good way to integrate math, social studies, and global awareness is to display several clocks, each representing the time in another time zone.   It's easy and affordable.  The large clock in my classroom is the one provided by the school.  The smaller ones were $4 or $5 each at a dollar store or Wally World.  Choose several different spots on the globe and find the time on a site such as www.timeanddate.com.  Add labels and you're done!

     Discussing time zones and calculating time can be several lessons.   It can also be a brain break when you ask questions such as (using my clocks below):  When we go to lunch, what time will it be in London?   What do you think students in California are doing right now?  When students in Beijing go to bed, what are we doing?  What are we doing when English students are having lunch?  The possibilities are endless and fun!

(Looks like California is losing a little time; need to fix that!)

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