An Organization Dream Come True

I've looked longingly at photos of elementary classrooms for a while now.  My favorite was a class where every group of desks (table or pod) had a small bookcase to store all needed materials.  It seemed so efficient and independent-making for the kids.  Even though such bookcases are fairly inexpensive, it was a stretch for my budget.  (We're putting our third - yes, third!- child through college and money is just tight.)

With permission from my administrator, I put out the word to my parents in August.  Lo, and behold, I received 4 of the 5 I requested!   And, one was even assembled for me! 

We're learning to keep our materials neat and organized.   And, man, the kids can just access anything they want - I'm not always managing someone to go get stuff, then put it up!  Whoo hoo!  Love my parents and love my bookcases!

Do you have a super organization system?

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  1. I love the bookshelves but was on a budget too, so I bought the plastic sets of drawers from Walmart when they were on sale. They are GREAT! Hope your bookshelves are working out well. :)



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