Play and Learn: Divisibility Rocks!

     I enjoy teaching students the rules of divisibility each year.  They're foundational concepts and fantastic math tools.  However, I can't say my kidlets always love learning about it.  Well, thanks, to my teaching partner, Carren (also known as a Surf and Search HERO - she finds the best math resources ever!), we have a new tool in our tool belt: Divisibility Rocks, a super fun, super rich card game!

     The game requires a little preparation - copying sets of cards and answer sheets.  Once you have them, though, you'll play again and again.

     Simply put, you form teams of three students who have a deck of cards, an answer sheet, and a small pile of game pieces or "rocks".  Student 1 turns up a number card.  The "Answer Person" asks if the number is divisible by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 10.  For every correct answer, Student 1 takes a "rock", a game piece.  Then, Student 2 turns up a card and goes through the same procedure.   If a student believes an incorrect answer has been given, he/she can challenge.

     I allowed my students to use their Rules of Divisibility sheets for reference.  See them play below.  You can see the "rocks", the cards, the answer sheet, and pink reference sheets.

Check out this great game at the link below and tell me how you like it!  Thanks again, Carren!
Divisibility Rocks!
Growing Grade By Grade
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  1. Love the activities on Divisibility! Using the flip book and game to review last week's concepts in my 5th grade!


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