Mastering Powers of 10: 5.NBT.2

     Wow!  One of the most challenging new standards in the Common Core Curriculum is teaching the powers of 10, how they relate, and how we can use them.   There is very little out there to teach basic, foundational concepts.  It's taken me since last year to get my thoughts (and act) together, but I finally have posted my unit on "Mastering Powers of 10: Practice and Content  5.NBT.2)

     I've never had success just teaching students the algorithm (move the decimal the decimal dance) without helping them "see" what's actually going on.  As usual, I learned so much content myself!  I added a couple of charts that help students see the "power of powers" and it seems to make a difference with my kids.

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  1. Your Mastering Powers of 10 resource is terrific. You have a deep understanding of the Common Core State Standards. Your students are lucky to have such a dedicated teacher. Keep up the GREAT work!

    Kelly DeLong

    1. Thank you, Kelly! I hope it's another useful "tool in the tool belt", as you used to say!

  2. Another great resource! You really creat great products that cover very foundational and important concepts.

  3. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the input and I'm delighted that you're finding them useful!


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